Your Boston Marathon Training: Good and Bad Pain

Boston Marathon map

Owner and Principal Jeffrey Spratt,MT has been working with athletes for over 15 years. As a matter of fact, it was his work with USA Track and Field Athletes that inspired him to develop the ShakeOutTM Massage. From his appearance on The Jordan Rich Show: "Working with USA Track and Field Athletes during a prolonged event meant I had to work to get athletes on and off the table quickly for their events. The intent of the massage was to support the athletes as they would recover or prepare from one event to the next.  There was no privacy so the work had to be done through workout clothes. The techniques are specific enough so you don’t need naked skin to have a full glide on. The touches are both specific and generalized effective and efficient."

Jeffrey could feel the body's response using his unique technique based on the principles of Sports  Massage Therapy and adding in his innovative Spratt Method of Muscular Therapy which aids in the body's natural ability to recover and heal from the demands placed on it - especially when training for a marathon.

As you know by now, when training for a marathon you are going to experience many new sensations in your body.
Pain is how the body communicates with us.

There is good pain that you are going to experience; the pain where you know something good is happening in your body. Muscles are getting stronger, you can feel endurance building and the pain transforms into soreness and then goes away during rest and recovery.
Think of this traffic light:

Traffic light

The "green zone" is where you are running unencumbered and feel good. The pain stays within the 1-5 range.

The stress needed to build muscle is in the 4-6 range.

The "yellow zone" is pain in the 6-7 range.  This is when you are at the peak of your training. You want to experience pain in the 6-7 range for brief intervals.

Greater than 8 is a signal from your body to stop and pay attention. Now sometimes you can feel an 8 and stop your run, stretch it out, perform self-massage and continue with your run but it's time to get on the table to prevent a full blown injury. Think about what happens if you try to run a red light!

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Pay attention to your body. Take exquisite care of your body. Believe in your body's tremendous capacity to heal and recover and know that we are at your service to partner with you to Reclaim Advantage and Reclaim Life through the power of positive touch. Our signature ShakeOutTM Massage will help your body to recover more quickly, improve your performance and most important of all help to prevent injury.

To your health and wellness,
Jeffrey & Mary