Corporate Chair Massage



"It sure would have been better than bringing in an ice cream cake to show my appreciation," one manager said when she learned that Spratt Muscular Therapies offers on site chair massage. Indeed it would have been! Are you looking for a way to express appreciation to your staff while supporting their health and wellness? On site chair massage is the answer and in today's blog we ask and answer some of the frequently asked questions we receive about on-site chair massage.

What do you charge?
We charge $130/hour/therapist. Our rates can be negotiated to fit within your budget.

As an employer am I able to write this off on my taxes?
While we are not tax experts, the IRS has a long history of allowing employers to write off the perks that it provides to employees, covering many wellness programs including on site chair massage.

When is the best time of day to offer chair massage?
Any time of day that works into your schedule is the best time to offer chair massage. Late mornings and mid-late afternoons are when there is typically an energy drop that sends employees for coffee. That is a great time to schedule chair massage for your staff.

Won't my employees be so relaxed their productivity will go down?
Actually chair massage has just the opposite effect. While initially a person may feel as though they want to take a nap after the massage, within a few minutes they'll experience feeling rejuvenated and energized.

What benefit is there from a 10 or even 15 minute chair massage?
We know that even a 10-minute chair massage can lower blood pressure, slow down a person's heart rate, and mental performance is enhanced. Studies by the Touch Research Institute in Florida show that immediately after 10 minute chair massage sessions, the subjects experienced a change in brain waves, which produced heightened alertness and better performance on math problems (they were completed in less time with fewer errors).

Contact or Jeffrey Spratt, MT at 617-838-3061 to be the hero of your Team by bringing chair massage to your staff.

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