Couple texting sitting near each other, Text neck

Staff therapist and nurse Regina Fox, RN, MT coined the phrase cybermyalgia to describe the symptoms her massage therapy clients present with as a result of the 24/7 technological world we live in.

This NY Times article addresses how our iPhone is ruining our posture AND our mood.

You know the symptoms all too well and let's admit it, it's hard to put down the mobile phone or step away from the computer.

Fortunately, massage therapy is a wonderful balm for the physical, mental and emotional stress that comes with technology as presented in this article from Massage Magazine:

  •     increases one’s awareness of the mind-body connection
  •     improves immune function
  •     decreases stress and aids in relaxation
  •     reduces muscle tension and stiffness
  •     increases range of motion
  •     fosters the healing of strained muscles and ligaments
  •     reduces the pain and swelling of overused muscles and tissues
  •     promotes blood and lymph circulation
  •     improves posture
  •     relieves mental stress
  •     improves sleep and the ability to think calmly and creatively
  •     improves cognition and mood
  •     decreases anxiety brought on from long hours at the computer or discomfort in the neck, back, and shoulders brought on by the extensive use of technological devices

And please remember to take breaks throughout the day with suggestions for movement during breaks as I shared in Devices are the Devil!

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To your health and wellness! ~Jeffrey