FAQ's The ShakeOut (TM) Massage


We get asked a lot of questions about the ShakeOutTM Massage and wanted to ask and answer your most frequently asked questions.

Does the table shake during the session? Do you use any special equipment? How does it work?

The ShakeOutTM Massage was developed by Owner and Principal Jeffrey Spratt,MT from his work with endurance athletes. He has refined his innovative technique through the years to provide a highly effective, efficient and economical method of muscular therapy. He hand picked each of the therapists who practice at Spratt Muscular Therapies and trained his staff in this method.

How can this method possibly work through clothes?

Most people believe that in order to have an effective massage, you have to get undressed. Compression and other techniques used in the ShakeOutTM Massage work best without glide on the skin. Every part of the body is attended to during a 20 minute session.

You are located in the Seaport Hotel Boston...won't I spend more money on parking than I will on the massage?

NO - we offer two hour validated parking for $5.00.

It's really hard to believe that someone could come up with a new way of doing massage.  What's so different about the ShakeOutTM Massage?

Through his own treatment failures as well as many unsatisfactory massage therapy experiences, Jeffrey pioneered the ShakeOutTM Massage which is the foundation of the Spratt Method of Muscular Therapy. The Spratt Method was born out of techniques used in chiropractic medicine, Jeffrey’s work with athletes and his study of Eastern mind/body modalities. Jeffrey discovered the importance of the need to get the whole body moving and assessed quickly from the moment the treatment begins.His training as a pilot, as a massage therapist, his experiences traveling in Asia and his strong intention to create a massage therapy session to ensure that every area of the body was attended to during the first several minutes of a session resulted in his creation of the ShakeOutTM Massage. He created a method that gave the therapist an immediate idea of what work needed to be done to help clients experience balance and relief and that brings immediate relief to the client. He believes in the power of positive touch to be a game changer from negative momentum of stress and stagnation to positive momentum - Reclaim Advantage! Reclaim Life!

Can you explain this in more detail?

We'll let our client Colby C. speak to that question.
"I have had the most wonderful experience at Spratt Muscular Therapies. I come from a background of sports and work out a lot. Spratt Muscular Therapies has coined the ShakeOutTM Massage and mastered the process. They loosened my muscles and completely relaxed me, worked out knots and got in to the exact spots that were tight. I have tried out several massage therapists and they are top shelf. They explain where the tension is and provide feedback on what to work on. I can’t explain the difference, but it’s incredible. You just have to try it for yourself."

To your health and wellness!