Your Marathon Training: Staying Healthy

From Owner and Principal Jeffrey Spratt,MT

A few years ago, I presented a Power Point presentation to the John Hancock Employees Boston Marathon Team on how the team could prepare for their best race and stay healthy during their training. Whether you are running your first marathon or are a veteran marathoner, each marathon will present its unique challenges, trials and triumphs.

As a massage therapist who has worked with endurance athletes over the past 15 years, I know how important it is for athletes to understand what is happening in their body as they train. In addition to the stress of daily living, training for a marathon places an extra burden mind, body and soul. Yet like all challenges in life, the rewards you reap as you go through your training and when you cross that finish line are great.

There are two types of pain to keep in mind as you go about your training. There's good pain - that muscle soreness and pain that comes with knowing something positive is happening in your body. With a good post run recovery routine, the good pain resolves and you are on your way to building positive momentum as you add on the miles.

Bad pain tells you something is not right that is happening in your body. This pain usually has an acute onset and continues to nag at you as you move forward in your training. Please come in and see us and let us get a sense of what is going on. Massage therapists can be the first line of defense for any injury facilitating your body's natural ability to heal and recover.

We can also refer you for further evaluation if we suspect that there is an issue that requires medical attention.

Boston Marathon champion Amby Burfoot has a great article on the 10 laws of injury prevention.

Did you know that negative thoughts place you at higher risk for injury? In this Runners World article, the sage advice is offered: “Discuss your reasoning about pain and injury and when to push through pain, and when not to,” he suggests.

Reclaim Advantage! Reclaim Life! and stay healthy on the road to your Marathon with the innovative Spratt Method of Muscular Therapy offered exclusively at our practice.

All the best on your journey!