Countdown to the Boston Marathon: Managing Taper Time

From Owner and Principal, Jeffrey Spratt, MT

We are less than a month to go until the gun goes off for the 121st Boston Marathon on April 17th.


With over 15 years of experience working with marathon runners, I can tell you that "Taper Madness" does exist.


There is no way to avoid it but there are ways to effectively manage your taper time.


I have seen runners who have done too short or too long a taper time. This article from Runners World gives some good guidelines about how to taper. If you've been working with a Coach, either individually or as part of your Team, heed their advice!


You've been working hard these past several months getting marathon ready. You are like the horse at the starting gate. It's all systems go but until you get to the starting line, there is no place to physically put all of that stored energy. I like to use the image of a balloon filled with air. Your balloon is full and on race day you are going to slowly let the air out until you cross that finish line. You should be thoroughly depleted yet incredibly elated at your accomplishment.


This is the perfect time to come in for massage therapy. We are going to help your body "set" at its optimal level of efficiency. Unlike the sessions you were receiving during your training, during taper time we are not making any major changes. Massage therapy is good for the mind, body and soul. The time out you take will help to relax and energize you while shoring up all that stored energy you are going to need on race day.


Know that everything you are experiencing during taper time is normal! It's a great time to connect with other tapering runners. Laughter is the best medicine and together you can share your taper crazies stories.


Just as you go for a "shake out" run...come in for a ShakeOutTM Massage. Hopefully you've been receiving regular massage therapy sessions during your training. If not, fear not! I know the old adage of "don't try anything new" before your marathon. Our Team of therapists are skilled and know exactly what you need going into your race and having time on the table will help ease the tension in your body and your mind.


Most importantly of all, TRUST YOUR TRAINING!


We look forward to being at your Service and wish you well on these final few weeks of your journey!


All the best,