Run Your Best Race

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From Owner and Principal Jeffrey Spratt,MT:

Consistency is key to achieve success on and off of the roads. Improving your finish time and running your best race is going to take patience, diligence and good self care.

I often say if you want to PR you need a consistent PRR - post race recovery routine.

Regular sports massage therapy sessions using the Spratt Method of Muscular Therapy is a fantastic training tool to help you run your best race.

  •     Decrease your recovery time
  •     Increase your performance
  •     Prevent injuries
  •     Regular flushing and stretching helps you to recover and prepare with greater ease

What you do right after a run is vital to staying healthy during your training cycle.

S_T_R_E_T_C_H!  I hear it all the time ... "But I don't have time!" You have to make the time. Just like brushing your teeth, you need to make stretching a habit to facilitate your body's recovery while you train for a marathon.

ICE BATHS: oooh just the thought of it makes you shiver right?  If you cannot bear to bring yourself to take an ice bath, you can take your post run recovery shower and then turn the water to cold and run specific body parts under the cold water for a few minutes. You can also get wrap around cold packs from CVS that freeze in the freezer and leave them on your knees or ankles for 15 minutes.

Tennis balls are great to ease the stress and tension in your upper body and feet. Place the tennis ball where you are feeling tension in your upper body and roll against the wall while standing. To break up the congestion in your feet that accumulates after a long run, systematically move your foot back and forth along the ball. Rolling your feet on a frozen water bottle is a great way to help your feet recover after a long run.

There are many excellent self care tools available on the market today. One of my favs is The Backnobber. We are happy to provide education about what tools will best complement your massage therapy sessions and help you to achieve that PR.

May you run swift! May you run unencumbered!
All the best on your journey,

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