Getting Ahead and Staying Ahead of Pain

From Owner and Principal Jeffrey Spratt, MT

There are many reasons our bodies experience pain. There's good pain which comes after a good workout or during training for an endurance event. It's a good pain; a feeling that something positive is happening in the body and there's positive momentum. There's acute pain; the kind of pain you wake up with in the morning where you can't straighten out your neck or you move a certain way and your back goes out. There's also chronic pain that I compare to a background noise you get used to in your body and then one day, the volume goes on high and you're calling to get in for a same day massage.


I get it! I totally understand. I've been preaching this gospel for over 15 years to my clients that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We've definitely made progress in shifting the perception to people knowing that massage therapy can be extremely helpful with that I woke up in pain or I tweaked something in my body kind of pain with my innovative ShakeOutTM Massage. But the typical first reaction to  pain is usually to call the doctor. People go to an urgent care center or in some cases, an Emergency Room and wait around to be seen. There may be an Xray ordered but more often that not, there is a prescription given to alleviate the pain with follow up visits to diagnose the pain without ever addressing the root cause of the pain. The focus with many physicians (but not all!) is on addressing and managing the symptoms rather than helping the healing process.


Big disclaimer! Massage therapists are not doctors and we cannot diagnose conditions but we are trained to detect imbalances in the body and bring relief through the power of positive quality touch. We are working with you and your body to release the body's natural ability to heal and help your body return to a state of balance and ease.


I pioneered the ShakeOutTM Massage to specifically address acute pain or stress.  I value my clients' time and money and am passionate about clients experiencing relief and a shift in momentum when they leave my table and when they leave the table of any member of my Team here at the practice! While we are honored when people call on us to help with acute pain, and we can bring relief, our goal is to help you keep your body moving efficiently and with ease. That requires regular massage therapy sessions.


I recommend that clients see us for 3 consecutive sessions either once a week or once every other week to address the congestion and compensatory patterns that lead up to injury or acute pain. We reassess after the 3 sessions and determine the next steps. Many of my clients are then able to go on a monthly maintenance schedule with either a ShakeOutTMMassage or if they prefer a longer session to give the therapist time to work longer on specific areas.


I often use the analogy of your car. What happens to your car and its engine if you do not bring it in for regular maintenance? What if you only brought it in when the check engine light was on? By then the repairs are incredibly costly or you might need a new car! You deserve to feel the very best you can feel in your body whether you are training for a Marathon, want to improve your golf game or your performance in whatever athletic endeavor you enjoy; keep up with your children, or simply want to walk, get up out of a chair or be able to play with your grandchildren with greater ease.


Reclaim your advantage! Reclaim your life! with regular massage therapy sessions and get ahead and stay ahead of pain.

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To your health and wellness!