Origins of the Spratt Method

Massage Hands

From Owner and Principal Jeffrey Spratt, MT:
I'd experienced many treatment failures as a massage therapist and received many unsatisfactory massage therapy sessions. I liken them to when you are going out for dinner on a Friday evening after a long hard work week. You arrive at the restaurant and you are told there is going to be a wait. You finally get to your table and a server comes by, hands you a menu and leaves you sitting there. Contrast this with a server who comes by with an armful of dishes, manages to hand you the menu, apologizes for the wait and says, "Hey what can I get you from the bar." At that moment you feel attended to and can take a deep breath, sit back and relax anticipating a wonderful dining experience.

So what could I come up with that would change the massage therapy experience for a client; where from the moment they are on the massage table they feel they are being attended to and as a massage therapist I could begin to get a real sense of what was needed to restore balance and bring relief.

I was inspired to use my training as an airline pilot to conceptualize a new way to approach the body. As a pilot, we go through a complete series of a pre-flight check of all the systems that will ensure a smooth flight. Using deep compression, I developed a systematic method to go through the entire body. Rather than a once and done of addressing a specific part of the body, the Spratt Method relies on the therapist's fluid movements working with the whole body going back to specific areas that require additional attention. It's a method that acknowledges all the body parts right from the beginning of the treatment!

The ShakeOutTM Massage provides the foundation for the Spratt Method of Muscular Therapy. It is a convenient, highly effective and economical way to experience a full body massage. After 10-25 minutes on the table fully clothed with no product used, your problem areas are attended to, pain and tension relieved and you are on your way ready to reclaim your advantage and reclaim your life feeling both relaxed and energized. The cost? $2 per minute.

A session of 30 minutes or longer allows us to take more time to attend to specific areas that need more attention.

I am proud, honored and humbled to be the pioneer of an innovative muscular therapy method and we at Spratt Muscular Therapies are delighted to offer this revolutionary approach to massage therapy in our practice. Call the front desk at Wave Health and Fitness at 617-385-4540 to schedule your Spratt Muscular Therapies experience today!

To your health and wellness,