What does it mean to reclaim?

From Owner and Principal Jeffrey Spratt,MT

"People often ask me how I came up with the tag line Reclaim Advantage! Reclaim Life! for my massage therapy practice. It came to me later in life and through my own personal experience of feeling out of shape unable to do the things I wanted to do and had to do. If I needed to do something would I be able to especially as an older father.

Life isn't easy and no one lives a Shangri La kind of life. Part of of life is getting our ass kicked and it's about what you do to get up afterwards. I realized this is part of reclaiming. We all get down. We all have set backs. How can we reclaim our life and reclaim our advantage?

In a world of business, everything is competitive and everything is in flux. One day you’re on top and then you’re not. It’s the ebb and flow of things so how do you reclaim your advantage.

It’s about resilience.

I've had my fair share of challenges in my personal life and my business life.

Life hands you a bunch of different degrees of challenge. One smacks you in the face and stuns you; another knocks you to your knees and another knocks you out.

No one sees them coming…how do you get back up....how do you move forward...

Life is full of peaks, valleys and plateaus.

Sometimes we get stuck on the plateaus. How do we reclaim and get positive momentum.

I came to the profession of massage therapy in my 30's and early on in my career I knew in every fiber of my being that massage works. My philosophy about the work early on was, "Massage Therapy at its finest can be life changing and even life saving, and even at its very basic, massage therapy should be momentum changing.”

I discovered, however, that the traditional massage therapy modalities were not effective, efficient or economical which is why I developed the Spratt Method of Muscular Therapy and the ShakeOutTM Massage.

We are driven by how we feel emotionally physically and spiritually. If we feel heavy and sore – we are more willing to stop and it's easy to slide into negative momentum.

When we feel light and strong we are looking to do what’s next.

Massage therapy and especially the Spratt Method of Muscular Therapy helps with the physical shift to get out of our own way; to help release that log jam that’s leaving us stuck in a plateau or shift from negative to positive momentum.

Massage therapy helps us recover, repair and reclaim....

It provides three basic curatives: it helps break up and remove metabolic waste trapped in muscle tissue, helps us feel better and clearer about life’s challenges, and most importantly, helps us take a break from the lighting speed at which we all try to travel in this 24/7 technologically driven world. By slowing us down, the body can repair itself. In addition, your spirit gets a chance to collect itself and establish the next step in your journey.

While what happens on the treatment table at Spratt Muscular Therapies feels wonderful, it is important that we provide massage therapy that will enable you to take those benefits and reclaim advantage and reclaim life --- at work, at play and in your relationships."

To your health and wellness,
~ Jeffrey