For the past 15 years, Jeffrey has been bringing his Rejuvenation Exercise to many meetings, trainings and seminars including Harvard Medical School Continuing Education Program in Internal Medicine with resounding results and rave reviews:


"Jeffrey Spratt is a gifted Muscular Therapist. I have invited him to lead 500-600 physicians from throughout the United States and 40 countries abroad in a 10 minute Rejuvenation Exercise each day of a 7 day course. The course is entitled “Annual Update in Internal Medicine” and is the flagship course for the Department of Medicine at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. It is one of the most highly rated courses in the world and Jeffrey’s session gets very high marks and accolades. I am most grateful to him for offering this exercise for the last 15 years and ongoing." ~Sanjiv Chopra, MD


"Had Jeffrey work with our group of 400 plus physicians at a medical conference recently. Within a few minutes we could feel ourselves relax, become aware of our breathing and focus on tight muscle groups from computer strain, prolonged sitting and preexisting injures. The sessions were short but they brought a lot of relief.

I would highly recommend Jeffrey and his group to anyone who needs healing, massage therapy and relaxation. Jeffrey works with trauma patients who often become quite stiff due to initial injury and it becomes a vicious cycle unless broken by an expert.  Jeffrey works with first responders and survivors of trauma (mental and physical) and helps them to heal with his power of touch and massage therapy. He works with experienced runners and patients with non healing joint and neuromuscular injuries. When I met Jeffrey last year at a conference I knew he could make a difference for within 15 minutes of working with him 400 doctors had resolved stiffness, an aching back and after the first 2 days we actually looked forward to break time when Jeff would come work with us." ~Nanada Kansra, M.D.


Jeffrey incorporated his experience as a muscular therapist, personal trainer and practitioner of yoga and T'ai Chi to create this dynamic, time efficient and effective way to offset the sedentary, technology driven modern life style. He developed the Rejuvenation Exercise as a way to get fit and stay fit by using gentle yet vigorous movements, activate muscles that have been trapped in stagnant positions, invigorate and strengthen your entire body, and leave you feeling re-energized! Instead of serving coffee and snacks during breaks at your next conference, serve up a health and wellness break that will energize and invigorate your participants.

Contact or Jeffrey Spratt, MT by phone at 617-838-3061 to have Jeffrey rejuvenate and invigorate your employees or the attendees at your next conference and take away a new way to move and energize.