Rejuvenation Exercise

In addition to pioneering the Spratt Method of Muscular Therapy, Jeffrey Spratt,MT has pioneered Rejuvenation Exercise.

"Body movement - It's a key aspect of life we take for granted - until we are faced with a situation when we lose it."

Jeffrey created Rejuvenation Exercise to help individuals meet the suggested guidelines of the AMA for 30 minutes of exercise a day by doing 10 minutes of Rejuvenation Exercise, three times/day. The series of movements are based on Jeffrey's training as a muscular therapist and his practice of T'ai Chi and Yoga to rejuvenate, energize and build positive momentum in your wellness journey. It's a way to get fit and stay fit!

Whether you are an individual in need of motivation and rejuvenation to get fit and stay fit or are looking to bring wellness to your meetings, trainings and seminars, Rejuvenation Exercise will help you reclaim advantage and reclaim life through innovative mindful movement.

For the past 15 years, Jeffrey has been bringing his Rejuvenation Exercise to many meetings, trainings and seminars including Harvard Medical School Continuing Education Program in Internal Medicine with resounding results and to rave reviews.

A few of the clients that have selected Jeffrey to present his Rejuvenation Exercise:
Walk with a Doc
Merck Pharmaceuticals
Harvard Medical School's Physician Education Day
Harvard Medical School's Update in Internal Medicine
Updates in Nephrology Conference



To bring Rejuvenation Exercise to your next meeting, training or event, email or contact Jeffrey Spratt, MT at 617-838-3061 for rates and availability.

To your health & wellness!