Marathon Training: Rest and Recovery

From Owner and Principal Jeffrey Spratt, MT

Three words that endurance runners hate to hear are rest and recovery and taper. Although I am not an endurance runner, after working with runners for over 15 years, I understand the psychological challenge of rest and recovery days and taper mode (more on that in a later blog). But rest and recovery days are vital to your training success.


There are two types of rest and recovery days. One is when you take the day off from any activity. During training you are causing microtears to your muscles. It's a part of the process to build and grow muscle necessary for going the distance on marathon day. During rest, these microtears have a chance to repair and for the muscles to grow. Having at least one day a week off from all activity is necessary for your mind, body and Spirit to recover. Take a whole deep breath and feel a sense of accomplishment for each of your training milestones!


The other type of rest and recovery day is what I call an active recovery day. Cross training, swimming, yoga, and especially core strength training will hold you in good stead as you build miles and prepare your whole body for that 26.2 mile journey.


Remember that now more than ever, as you are building miles, your post run recovery routine is crucial.


If you have not already done so, be sure to incorporate massage therapy into your rest and recovery days. A rest day is the perfect time to get a massage. It will facilitate the repair of the microtears, help you to take that whole deep breath I mentioned and improve your performance. Sports massage therapy has been proven to decrease recovery time and prevent injuries. Regular flushing and stretching helps you to recover and prepare with greater ease. I know that your time and money is very valuable which is why I pioneered the ShakeOutTM Massage.  If you are not having any issues with your training (and I hope that is true for every person reading this blog), a 20 minute ShakeOutTM Massage once or twice a month with more frequent sessions the closer you get to your race, will give you that edge to reclaim advantage and reclaim life through the power of positive quality touch.


Training for your marathon puts an extra load on your mind, body and soul. As you add on those miles and get closer to your starting line, be sure to take your rest and recovery days. We are at your Service to help you prepare to run your best race!


To your journey,