"What do you mean you can keep your clothes on!?!"

The ShakeOutTM Massage  is ideal for dealing with acute muscle spasms and soreness. We all know how tension can build sitting at our desks all day. With  weekly or biweekly ShakeOutTM  Massage treatments, you'll reclaim your advantage and reclaim your life experiencing the physical and psychological benefits of a full body treatment that is effective and economical. The ShakeOutTM Massage is ideal for reclaiming your advantage after a workout or a run.

QUICK: 25 minutes or less on the table

CONVENIENT: Client stays clothed. Techniques work easily through clothes.

EFFECTIVE: Outstanding way to refresh and invigorate the mind body and spirit.

ECONOMICAL: $2/minute



Stress in our lives builds and before we know what happened, our bodies experience pain. A doctor's appointment can take all day and they'll usually prescribe pain medication or a muscle relaxer that can take time to take effect and leave you feeling lethargic. You would love to have the luxury of time for a full body treatment, but your schedule is full. The ShakeOutTM Massage is the perfect solution! 

Here's what Colby C. from South Boston recently said about The ShakeOutTM:

"I have had the most wonderful experience at Spratt Muscular Therapies. Mary and Jeff make a fantastic team. They are very organized and attentive. I come from a background of sports and work out a lot. Spratt Muscular Therapy has coined the “ShakeOutTM” massage and mastered the process. They loosened my muscles and completely relaxed me, worked out knots and got in to the exact spots that were tight. I have tried out several masseuses in the past, and by far, they are top shelf. They explain where the tension is and provide feedback on what to work on. I can’t explain the difference, but it’s incredible. You just have to try it for yourself!"