"Had Jeffrey work with our group of 400 plus physicians at a medical conference recently. Within a few minutes we could feel ourselves relax, become aware of our breathing and focus on tight muscle groups from computer strain, prolonged sitting and preexisting injures.
The sessions were short but they brought a lot of relief.
I would highly recommend Jeffrey and his group to anyone who needs healing, massage therapy and relaxation. Jeffrey also works with trauma patients who often become quite stiff due to initial injury and it becomes a vicious cycle unless broken by an expert." ~Dr. Nandana Kansra, Updates in Internal Medicine


"Can you please pass along how grateful I am from the knowledge I gained from Luke. I have had back pain over the last 35 years and have been in the rehab mode for years. Luke suggested several additional things to try to see if they would help. I have had incredible results. I am so grateful. Luke was life altering for me." ~Tim W. (Moonstown, NJ)


"Jeffrey, Had a great massage from Regina last week.  Want to let you know she’s awesome." ~Stephen L. (Boston)


"I had such a fantastic massage therapy experience with Regina Fox, RN, MT that I want to give a massage to my boss for his birthday while we are still in town! Can you help me arrange that?"  ~Bernadette C. (York, PA)


"3 classes? No problem when you get a massage from Luke Bruffee #lukethegreat
If you haven't had a massage from Luke , then you NEED to- that's all." ~Mariama J., Fitness Instructor and Wellness Coach (Cambridge)


"My schedule at work has been all over the place lately. I love being a manager when we're short staffed #saidnooneever! Well, thank god for Luke Bruffee!!! I feel like a different person! #rejuvenate #everyoneneedsit Massage isn't only for pampering, it's for your psyche as well." ~Tanya N. (Everett)


"I had a fabulous massage with Luke right after a grueling 22-mile run and he both worked out some tensions and helped my body recover from all of that pounding. Would highly recommend!" ~Julia G. (Boston) training for the 2016 London Marathon


"I just wanted to follow up and say a huge thank you for arranging the massages Luke was truly amazing. One of the best massages I've ever gotten." ~Alison B. (Medford) 


"Yes that was a much needed massage and wow what a fantastic work he (Jeffrey) does, I've forgotten what a real massage expert can do!!" -Bob B. (Medford) Training for Ironman Lake Placid 2016


"I have been a grateful, satisfied client of Jeffrey's for 10 years. He has a sixth sense for being able to zero in on the areas of my body that need attention, using his skills to work out knots and stretch muscles while simultaneously relaxing and invigorating me. I appreciate Jeffrey's caring manner and his taking the time to find out from me what I expect out of each massage therapy session before he begins. I'm also grateful for his taking the time to teach me exercises to help me with lower back pain and tendonitis in my arm. Massage therapy from Jeffrey is a regular component of my physical and mental maintenance regimen."  Rick W. (Boston)


"Absolutely incredible massage. I run every day and I'm training for a half marathon. I discussed this with Luke and he focused on all of my pain areas. Every single knot has gone from my body. Could not recommend more." Melissa W. (London England) Digital marketing manager for Adidas Europe


"Luke was great and listened a lot to what my problem was and really worked on it thoroughly. I'm hoping this really helps and I definitely will want to go back. It was fantastic." Christina H. (South Boston)


"Great experience!  ShakeOutTM Massage is awesome right after a workout.  Can't beat this place." Michael C. (Boston)


"Equipment in the gym is GREAT - wish I could work out there every day. I had a massage with Jeffrey and it was really efficient. I recommend his massage therapy." Seaport Hotel guest comment


"I'm lucky to have Jeffrey Spratt and staff provide their services for my marathon teams training long runs. I have ran in the past two Boston marathons and unfortunately this year my body took a beating. ITBS in my left leg and tendinitis in my right ankle. I decided I needed to definitely incorporate massage therapy into my training plan. I went to see Jeff about 2 weeks before the marathon, a few days before I saw Ann and yesterday I saw Jeff-2 days after the marathon. I can say that without a doubt, both of my pre race massages improved my performance and my massage yesterday was just what I needed to get a jump start on recovery. Jeff is passionate about working with athletes and it shows. I would recommend Spratt to athletes or anyone in need of a little TLC."  Sam S. (Wilmington)


"I’ve had several massages with Jeff and I just want to let you know that he is fantastic and very professional. He even helped me with my sciatica problem. I’ve always been completely satisfied with his wonderful work and services." Martha C. (Boston)


"I have had Jeffrey as a Massage Therapist for several years, and have always found him to be extremely knowledgeable about his craft as well as professional, courteous and friendly. I tell him he has "eyes in his fingers," as he always seems to know exactly where to go to loosen the tightness in my muscles and give me relief. I highly recommend his services." Alma M. (Florida)


"Without question the best muscular therapist I've ever been to. Whenever my friends ask why I only go to Jeffrey I always say the same thing "the man has the biggest and strongest pair of hands of anyone I've ever been too, and when he puts them on you, you know it!"...

In fact I like to joke that he's got hands like a gorilla! So trust me, go see "The Gorilla" you won't be disappointed." William H. (South Boston)


"Jeffrey and his team were available to provide massages for our marathon team and I was so impressed that I booked more appointments to help prepare for the race.  He really knows what he's doing and it's well worth the money compared to other massage places." Elisa L. (Melrose)


"I've been seeing Jeffrey for about 10 years and he is simply the best! He has a warm energy upon greeting you and makes you feel really comfortable. He knows my body well and as a distance runner who beats up my body regularly, he is there for me and all my aches and pains. I always refer to his 'big paws' - you know when his hands are on you, they are both gentle and skilled, but extremely effective. I simply love my time with Jeff as I always know that I will feel better when I leave." Jennifer M. (Boston)