Cold Weather Training Tips


From Jeffrey Spratt,MT's Power Point presentation, "Your Marathon Training: Staying Healthy"


God bless you guys! I so admire your grit and determination as you train during the often brutal New England Winters.


  • Layers are important. Our friends at Marathon Sports can help you selecting the layers that will keep you warm while running in the cold
  • Minimize exposure of your skin. Use Vaseline on any exposed areas.
  • Double up on pants. Use a layer of running tights underneath running pants.
  • Be sure feet, hands and head are protected
  • People often ask me about whether or not they should use Yak Traks. My only concern with Yak Traks is that if you hit bare pavement, you are at risk for sliding and falling. The staff at your favorite running store can offer guidance on products that can help you run safely on snowy surfaces.


Remember that adverse weather affects your performance. The cold sends blood away in the cold and muscles run in a deficient manner and that makes them more prone to injury. Stretching and your post run recovery routine become crucial!


Be mindful of your non-running footwear. There are inserts you can put into winter boots to provide arch support and a good foundation needed to support that endurance runner's foot. What shoes do you change into at work? Italian loafers and high heels may look good with your business outfit but wreak havoc on your feet. Many of the major running shoe companies are now offering casual shoes that have your "runner's foot" in mind.


If you need to head indoors to the gym to train, remember that you do not have to do all of your miles on the treadmill also known as the "dreadmill." At Wave Health and Fitness where we have our practice, we have state of the art equipment that includes the Arc trainer and Bikes. Mix it up and trust your training. Consult with your Marathon Team's Coach to get a plan that will work for you.


We are at your Service to help you reclaim advantage and reclaim life through the power of positive quality touch as you go through your Winter Weather Training. For more Winter Wellness tips please follow this link.  Please be sure to run smart and run safe!


To your journey!